Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life Week 20

I think Ali Edwards said it best when she said that some weeks the results are just okay. It was one of those weeks that I was a little behind on and when that happens and I'm scrambling to finish on Sunday, the results are just okay. There isn't a lot of creativity going on here, but in the grand scheme of the whole book, it fits in just fine!

On side one I included a picture of almost all the von Minden women. For some reason Mia wasn't in the picture. I got a sweet photo of my two boys snuggling. Mia's class had an author share and we went to watch her read her Dalmatian story.  Her class also went on a hiking field trip and Mark went as a chaperone. He sent me pictures throughout the day! I included my last nest peek picture too. Our baby robins flew off this weekend and already I miss watching them grow!

On Thursday the babies and I spent most of the day outside. I took a lot of pictures of the babies playing in the garden. I also set up the timer and got a few shots of me weeding. I took all of these and made an insert. I took one of the Design A page protectors and cut it down. It probably my favorite part of this week's layout because it shows so perfectly what a day with these two munchkins looks like---esp. lately.
First side of the insert. 
Side two of the insert. 
The second half of the layout covers our weekend trip to my mom's house. We had a busy weekend with lots of cousins playing and thrift store shopping. In fact, right in the middle of one of our store visits we got a call that my sister in law was in labor. She gave birth to baby Liam at 29 weeks. He's such a little fighter and so far is doing really well. I covered his photo because I haven't okay'd it with my brother yet & it's a little heartbreaking to see him all hooked up to the machines. 

Here is a closer look at that page. That cute little baby is my nephew Grady. Hollis and Naomi adore him and love to give him kisses. 

Some more close-ups:

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Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Hey! I'm the girl who told you I saw you at ARC.

Those Charlie Harper prints are a great find!

I love the concept of Project life and I'm doing something similar but a little less often.

dnsvm said...

I'd love to see what you're doing sometime!!!