Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life With Twins

There is a full-on clothes mutiny happening here. I can barely keep clothes on them. I've become that mom that totes around kids with no shoes and in various states of undress. In a way, it makes things so much easier because I'm not having to go through so much laundry or worry about what to dress them in the morning. It has made getting them to leave the house a little more complicated. Lately, they much prefer to stay home and head to the backyard.

For some reason, even if they are fully dressed, it's not long until they shed all their clothes in the backyard. It's like the minute we hit the fresh air of the outdoors they have a need to strip down. It makes for a hilarious show of baby bottoms doing things like swinging, going down the slide, running after the robins, and collecting bugs and rocks. Thank goodness we have a higher fence now and the neighbors can't wonder about my little nudist colony.

I love the freedom that they have with their bodies. They will sit bare-bottomed in the dirt of the garden without any care in the world. They run through the backyard with the sun hitting their little bodies and it truly inspires me. Watching them play together is such a gift that I feel so grateful for. They won't be this little and this uninhibited forever.

So, I let them run naked and free.

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