Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I didn't have a plan to go to the thrift store this week, but then a friend (who knows I can't say no) suggested we go. I knew that I was going to hold off on any dish ware (unless it was ah-mazing) and so set my sights on other areas. Right away we noticed the vinyl piles had doubled in size since our last visit. With a little digging I got these three gems for 99 cents each.

My friend spied a whole stack of these Children's Guild Records and picked a few up for herself. I couldn't let the rest go. At only 49 cents each, I knew I could at the very least hang them up in the kids' room. Imagine my surprise to find online the same series of records selling for $45 each. I'd call that a pretty darn good find!

I was really good and didn't look through kids clothes since we don't need anything right now. However, Hollis is getting pretty close to outgrowing his shoes. They didn't have his size, but these size 10 Merrels were only $3 and in near new condition. I can store these away until one of the babies are ready!

The thrift store had some amazing furniture that I didn't have space or a need for, but when I saw this kitchen for only $25, I snatched it up. It's KidKraft and retails for $150. It's in really good condition with only a couple of dings. Already, the shelves are lined with empty food containers and the babies spent a good deal of time before nap (or faux nap) taking the sink out to reach the food underneath. It's the perfect size for their age and if it holds up well we can resell or donate it when they out grow it. 

For a spontaneous trip, I think we made out pretty well. My total bill was $36 dollars and we came home with stuff worth WAY more than that!

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racheycarter said...

Whoa! I'm super impressed. You seem to visit magical thrift stores! My trips never net such great finds.