Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life Week 16

Nothing fancy this week and I love that. I love that I don't have to add much besides journaling and the photos and still the book feels full. It's freed me up to work on other things like my orange quilt, the yard, and spring cleaning projects. The best tool I have is my Sharpie paint pen and it got quite a work out again this week. I love the ease of writing directly on the photos since I usually don't have room to tell all the stories I want too. 

The first half of the spread is mainly pictures from Arizona. I wanted to make sure and get in a photo of my grandparents and the hilarious one of me and Mia's Flat Katie!  We had a lot of fun taking pictures with her.

This is the second half of the spread with most of the pictures coming from Saturday. We had a pretty full day with a visit to the farmer's market, our favorite lunch place, and a soccer game in the evening. 
I also added a pretty blurry photo of Hollis waving at a train. Poor guy was so excited at first and then scared to death of that train. I love that I can put that story here for him to read later!

Mark took Mia to the Rapids game on Saturday night and sent me a few iPhone photos from the game. He is so good about taking a few photos so that I can add them in!  This one of her on the field is stunning! This picture just doesn't do it justice. 

Here is a close up of my grandparents. 

And this little gem: taken by Mia. She took the camera for a bit and got mostly blurry shots of the babies running in circles. This one---perfect!

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