Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Life Week 14

These are the days when being creative is just so dang hard. I keep making all sorts of plans and excuses for doing anything than working in the craft room. To be fair, the sun has been shining bright and there is a garden and yard to tend to. Even catching up on True Blood hasn't been quite enough to keep me motivated. That's why I'm glad I've been working on Project Life in small pieces. I print photos everyday and tuck them into the book. The journaling cards are written later in the evening when the kids are winding down and there is no sun to tempt me outside. I've let go of being fancy with the inserts and embellishments for now and am happy that I'm staying caught up. Despite missing the frills, we all still love looking through the book and seeing how much we do each and every week. It really is a wonderful project for making the everyday so special and present. 

On the left side I documented the purchase of new undies and PJs ("supers" and "MickeyMouse") by simply saving the tags and adding them to a 4x6 piece of paper. We had cooler weather at the beginning of the week and used that as a chance to run errands and stay in PJs. On Wednesday we had a full day with shopping at Lowe's, a walk at the ponds, and spontaneous lunch with Mark. I am trying to teach Naomi to ask when she wants to hold Hollis's hand rather than grab it. It helps reduce the amount of tears and he's more likely to let her hold his hand that way. I had to take a picture because she looks so happy and proud of herself!

Here's a close up:

The right side is where most of the journaling ended up. We dyed eggs on Friday. I made Joy the Baker's Blueberry Muffins for Easter brunch. On Saturday our local farmer's market re-opened for the season so I wrote about our tradition of going on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, Mia and I went and got pedicures. She could barely reach the water, but loved that she got a flower on her big toe!

 Here is the close up.  The top photo is two instagrams that I put together using the app Picframe. I've started a new routine of letting the babies walk into the coffee shop with me. They sit at a table while I order and visit with anyone who will listen. They share a piece of bread and people watch out the window. Hollis made a friend with a "grandpa" who shook his hand and told him he'd make a great president someday. Naomi liked seeing all the "other Mommies."

I'm already thinking that next week I'll have to have an insert to cover the Easter celebration (it's coming, Aunt Susan!). I'm also leaving town at the end of the week to have a kid-free weekend with my grandparents. I'm leaving all my Project Life stuff out and hoping Mark will take the bait and fill in some things he and the kids do. 
I'm packing in my carry on some extra journaling cards so I can write about things I do without having to wait until I get home. 

You can find out more about Project Life at BeckyHiggins.com.

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