Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Project Life Week 13 & Thrifty Loot

This week I had more pictures than I knew what to do with. My goal was to get as many of them into the two page spread and not worry too much about the journaling. Now that I think about it, I could use a longer sheet protector and add the journaling there like I've seen Ali Edwards do (*mental note made). For now, I'll share what's there so far so I can move forward for the week!! 

Most notable events: playing at Chautauqua park, thrifting for a few new books to read on the front porch, date night, and a re-do of Mia's room. It's looking a lot more "grown-up" and she's doing a great job keeping it clean. I realized too late that I should have documented the mess that was her space for a before/after post.  

I've been playing with making some of the spaces into "mini-pages" with a title, journaling and embellishments. I love how the one of Naomi came out!  The paper matches her dress almost perfectly! 

Side two is full of the cousins! We spent the end of week and weekend with my mom & sister. There are six kids and us three trying our hardest to get anything crafty done. We also hit 3 thrift stores (yup, with kids in tow) and spent a lot of time outdoors!  I should have gotten pictures of mom & I sewing, food we ate, and my sister cuddling her baby boy. Oops!!

As I mentioned, we hit a few of the thrift stores in their town and I have to say I was a pretty good girl. I didn't buy a lot and really tried to keep purchases to things I loved! It seems all that spring cleaning I'm doing lately has really worked to make me careful about adding to the current clutter. 

This little bowl was just too sweet to pass up and at 50% off I got it for .79 cents.

These Pyrex mugs were also 50% off. At under $2, I just couldn't leave them behind. I'm pretty sure the next place to get a spring cleaning will be the mug cabinet!

I think my mom or sister saw these beauties first. These are the Pyrex American Heritage refrigerator dishes. I can't get over that cat!  I paid $3 a piece for these, but think they are my favorite find of the whole trip!

I am still trying to get back into the swing of things here. I'm almost caught up on laundry and have spent a lot of the week trying to get Easter clothes together. We're spending the afternoon at my sister in law's house and because it's the twins' first coherent Easter I'm pretty excited. These holidays are so magical for them and it's fun to spoil them just a little. 

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