Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Away

The other night on our date night I asked Mark in my most sarcastic tone if I should leave him a list of all the things he'll need to do to take care of the kids this weekend. He only found it slightly humorous and assured me that he might be able to handle it.

"You'll remember to make Mia's lunch on Monday?"

"Probably not."

Of course, I joke.  I am extremely lucky to have a guy that is as hands on with the kids as he is.  Sure, they test his patience and hatch escape plans when he's not looking. But, they are always just fine. At least that's what he'll tell me and for that I love him even more.

This is my second kid-free trip since the babies were born and I can't wait. But, there is always a little bit of fear and guilt with leaving. I've got this place running pretty smoothly (if you ignore the piled up laundry and cheerios on the floor) and there's a belief that it'll implode without me here. I know it's not true, but there is a certain vanity or supermom thing that comes with being a stay at home mom.  The belief that they need us makes it hard to feel like you can get away.  Realistically, I know that a break is just what I need---what every mom needs. Why do we does this to ourselves as mothers? It's certainly not fair to our capable husbands, but mostly it's not fair to ourselves. We (the collective we) need to get away for more than a few hours and know that they are fine. The kids also need to have a break from the same routine----the same disciplinarian and care-taker. They need to know that Dad has all the same answers, can kiss the same boo-boos, make a meal, dress them, and change diapers. I need to be more willing to hand over the reins now and again--to let him be Superdad.

If anything, it'll make the reunion that much sweeter. They get a well-rested Momma and I get my eager family back.

So, tomorrow I'll be heading to Arizona with my mom for a four day trip. We'll be visiting with my grandparents who always inspire me and lift me up. My grandfather is such a good story teller and I intend to be a captive audience---to fully take in every moment with them.

It is my gift from my husband and kids and to them I promise to come home refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on the world with them.

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