Monday, April 23, 2012

Firefly Market 2012

Yesterday we hired a babysitter and claimed a day for ourselves. It was pretty indulgent, but so much fun to be able to get out without worrying about three kids. We started the morning off at Firefly Market which was at the amazing Chautauqua Park. Having the market at the foot of the Flatirons is truly breathtaking and you could feel the creative energy coming out of that place. I've made it a mission to go to The Makerie next year so I can partake in that artist high too.  Let me warn other parents out there that while the market is very kid friendly, it's not easy to navigate with a stroller.  It would have been impossible to get a double stroller through the spaces and that played a huge part in leaving the kiddos home. 

Our first stop was the Tee & Cakes booth. Mark got an old-fashioned doughnut.  He shared a small bite with me so I can attest to how heavenly that doughnut was. I settled on a Maple Bacon Cupcake and also bought a Blueberry Lemon Whoopie Pie "for later." Yum!!  Their cookies were adorable and I wished my friend Kate was there for the bike one!

I have to say that right off the bat I was pretty smitten by the Happy Abby Peg Dolls booth. I think I held almost every little doll and we came really close to buying the Superman one for a certain little boy. We held off, but are planning to get a custom family made in August for our anniversary. They are adorable and I am amazed at the detail she does on such a small scale. 

I also LOVED the little & big stuffed monsters from A Monster to Love. I came really close to getting a purple and blue one for Mia. The fact that it's run by 10 year old twins is just icing on the cake. I will have one of these soon!  

The first thing I picked out was this adorable print by Marisa of Creative Thursday. I just couldn't leave these three little bears behind. Now I have to decide if it'll go on the art wall or become a centerpiece in an art wall in the twins' room. 

We are pretty big suckers for band posters and so when we saw this Sharon van Etten one we snatched it up. We are both pretty obsessed with her music and this will fit perfectly onto the art wall. Mark also picked out a tee and a smaller print. You can see more of his stunning work at The Bungaloo

We ran into the amazing Ellen from Hellimae's Caramels and were lucky enough to get a few pieces of her salted caramels. One is the Chili Palmer and one is the Classic Salt. She has a real gift with sugar and I  can't get enough of these little bites of heaven. 

 The last place we hit up was the Fancy Tiger cabin. Their store is one of my favorite stores ever, but because it's down in Denver I don't get there but once or twice a year. It's even in a new location that I keep hearing great things about. They have the best selection of designer fabrics, yarns, felting kits, and craft books. I love that once a year they are closer to my home and I can get my fabric fix. I splurged a little and got a good handful of fat quarters to add to my collection. 

 There were so many other vendors that I wish I could share with you but didn't get cards or pictures of them. They also had one of the local food trucks, Comida, serving food. There was a really good band playing on the front porch and the weather was perfect. The Firefly women will have a market in the summer (and fall) and I encourage you to make the time to go. It really is such a gift to this area and the work that each vendor puts into their pieces is amazing. 

I am so glad it's handmade market season again!!

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Abby Jacobs said...

Such a great post!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad you took a precious day off to see the market.