Monday, April 09, 2012


I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from Easter.  This was the first year I've been excited about the Easter Bunny coming in a few years. The babies (I just can't stop calling them that) are old enough to finally start to participate in things like egg hunts & stuffing themselves with candy. All three kids were so thrilled to get a book, small toy, one dollar grow capsules, and chocolate bunny. Mia got the same Dr. Suess scrapbook that I had when I was little. She's been going around the house counting forks, windows, and keyholes to fill in the questions in the book.

Hollis got the idea pretty early on that this holiday was about eating candy. Unfortunately the truck was a little hard to eat. 

Naomi was on a sugar high from morning until night. 

Mark and his sister got in on the act too. 

After the egg hunt at Aunt Susan's was over, Naomi lined up all her eggs along the fence. 

The best bunnies ever.

And while we were taking photos, this clever little boy found Aunt Susan's stash of chocolates. 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  I'll be back tomorrow with Project Life and later this week with post about how much Mark rules for taking the kids all weekend so I can have a kid-free weekend in Arizona!

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