Friday, April 06, 2012

Dyeing Eggs

I decided to give natural dyes a try when it came to dyeing our Easter eggs this year.  I read a lot of blogs about the various things that you could use as natural dyes. I started with blueberries and turmeric. 
Now, this process is really cool and since Mia is way into science lately, we treated it as a science experiment. 

We decided to boil 3 uncooked eggs in turmeric. They turn into the most vibrant yellow and after drying had orange speckles to them too. 

We decided to try 3 different ways of dyeing with blueberries. First, we thawed a cup and a half of frozen blueberries and set two eggs in the liquid for a short time. Later, Mia decided to leave them overnight too.

Then I took two uncooked eggs and boiled them with a cup of blueberries until cooked. They came out just slightly darker.

Then we took all the smooshed blueberries and covered the eggs. We refrigerated them overnight. They came out mottled with purple and blue and are so pretty. 

Now, I wish I could share more colors with you. I had all intentions of trying red cabbage, beets, & spinach. But doing it with natural ingredients takes a lot more time and is less kid friendly when you have to boil everything. I realized that we didn't have enough time left to experiment more. Plus, Mia had her heart set on the old cup and vinegar method and kept asking about it.
So that's what we did with the other bunch of eggs.

We let the babies help too. And they made a glorious mess.

The non-natural, but beautiful eggs.

I think we must've bought an old pack because our pink tablet did not work at all. So this year we have very blue/green/orange eggs. They're not fancy, but they sure are pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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