Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday I heard the call---the itch to hit up my favorite thrift store even though I'd have the babies with me. My favorite store is 25 minutes away and with them it's not always easy to get out there. I'm so glad I went, though!  I found all sorts of goodies, including things that I didn't get and now wish I did. They had a bunch of vintage books, but I put most of them away and got this gnome one for a friend of mine that collects gnomes. 

This rocking horse was the priciest item, but at $10, I just couldn't say no. It's already become a prime toy to fight over. 

I got these two little cups. One of them is tin and the other is a simple child's cup. But I loved them. There wasn't much else in the housewares department this time. 

I am still kicking myself for putting back some of the vintage books, but these are the ones that came home with me. Fairy Houses and Giving Tree are for Mia. The babies got a handful of board books that immediately went into book rotation. The two Golden Books are ones that I remember from when I was little. Eloise Wilkins did the art in the Boy with a Drum and I've been collecting her books for a while. The Seven Little Postman is a reissue, but I love it too. 

I put back some fabric that I really liked, but couldn't think of how to use and didn't get a chance before the babies got restless to go through clothing. I'm getting anxious for our local store to open in the fall. For now, I'll take these spontaneous trips!! 

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Heather said...

Neat finds! I have yet to find a thrift store near me that I like. Most stores around me literally just have junk that's just not worth taking home.