Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Life Week 12

This week I made sure to include Mia and Mark and even got in another shot of myself! Mark took one of me behind the camera and so I put it in with a little journaling about how much I love taking photos. Again, I kept things pretty simple, but I really like how this week turned out. 

This instagram is from Mark. Exploring the creek with the three kids has become a favorite thing to do and since the water level will be too high soon we've been taking advantage of it. This mason jar is from the Dear Lizzy line and I just added some rub-ons!

The Muppets DVD came out this week and I found online this darling illustration (I think from Deviant Art) with the lyrics to Life's A Happy Song. 

Here's side two! There are more instagram photos, a Polaroid that Mark took and even another picture of me (Hi, Mom!!). 

I love that Mark's okay with me putting some of his Polaroid's in here. I love one of the tree blossoms so very much!

To document the no napping that has been going on I printed 2x3 of the instagrams and then used the grid journaling cards that come with the Project Life kit. They've only been napping in the car lately, which I HATE! 

It's Spring Break this week and thankfully the first half will be pretty normal because Mia's going to climbing camp. The end of the week I pack up the kids to go hang out with my mom & sister. We are planning lots of thrift shopping and walks and park playtime. One things for sure 6 kids and three adults makes for a pretty crazy time. I can't wait.

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