Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Life Week 10

This week it felt like spring had hit us with warm weather and lots of sun. We spent a lot of time outside and the pictures for this week reflected that.  On Sunday we went to the park in the morning and then I took Mia to see the Lorax while the babies napped. She saw it again with Mark Friday night after her teacher put together an informal school outing to see it. She was thrilled that she got to see her school friends at the theater and then sit next to her teacher. Monday we went for a windy walk and then to the grocery store.  This was the first time I let them sit in the car part of the cart and they couldn't have been happier!  Wednesday was cooler so we stayed in and I made another batch of granola. 
I tried to have my spread this week really focus on the pictures. Most of the added elements help tell the story of our sunny week. 

I did add an insert for Tuesday. It was the nicest day of the week and we spent a lot of time playing on the porch. Naomi loves to dig in the rocks and dirt and Hollis watches the cars and trucks drive by.  I took one of the Page A protectors and cut it down. It held four photos, a screen capture of the weather, and the journaling.

The majority of the pictures on the second half come from Saturday. We went on a family walk at our favorite ponds.  Mia brought a sketchbook and asked us to stop a few times so she could draw what she saw. We let the babies walk half of the way around the pond and they loved having that guided freedom. During nap, Mark took Mia out for their first bike ride on the trails. I can say that all of us slept really good that night! 

This is my favorite part of the spread. I saw this featured on a YouTube link (thanks, Becky!) and knew I had to try it for some of the wacky home videos we take. Yup, it's a QR code. If you get the ScanLife app and then log onto their website you can make your own QR code. I printed mine out "credit card" size on photo paper and then glued it to the journaling card.

Open your Scanlife app and center it over the barcode. 

It automatically opens the video. Just a tip: I uploaded my video to You Tube but then set the privacy so that you need a link to see it. That makes it private and unsearchable by random people. 

Our little Naomi started doing this weird but hilarious series of tumbles and falls one night after bath over and over and over. Then she'd run around in circles and start it all over again. I captured about 52 seconds of it for this.

I lovelovelove that I can add this aspect of our life to the Project Life book. We take little snippets of videos pretty regularly that really no one would care about but us. This makes it easy to have them to look back on.  There may be a limit to the free codes that you can print out. I'll have to explore that more and let you know. In any case, if you take a lot of videos, it's a fun thing to play with!!

You can find out more about Project Life here.

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