Friday, March 16, 2012

Off Schedule

There something that happens when we hit that Daylight Savings time part of the year. I lose all control and spend a few weeks trying to get everyone back on a decent schedule. Right now the mornings are all haywire and we spend a rushed morning getting Mia off to school. We've gotta start next week better with her. 
The babies are sleeping in a little and waking ravenous and demanding. They are bickering a lot and we've taken to spending a lot of time outside to give them even more space to spread out. They've also decided to use this time to not nap and instead have epic crib-jumping contests and naked playtime. Yesterday, Hollis stripped and then threw his clothes and wet diaper onto a sleeping Naomi. He then gave me the stink eye in the monitor like, "Your move, Mom." 
Naomi usually gives into nap after a bit, but this boy just won't do it. He's quite happy to spend extra time with Momma. Of course it leaves me with very little down time. 
During his first no nap day he found a patch of ants in the entry way. He was so excited to pick up those little bugs and let them crawl all over his hands. 

We also spend a lot of time cuddling and when he discovered a mole on my arm he demanded one too. Thanks to quick thinking on my part and a Sharpie he's got one to check in on and to show off proudly.

If there's anything to learn from this time it's that, as a mom to twins and three kids total, sometimes you have to take these off schedule times and just roll. Be flexible and as patient as possible. These smaller moments with Hollis would never have happened with Naomi up and if he'd napped. He won't be this little for much longer and most of the time he's too busy to cuddle and play with me. Sure, I'm exhausted by day's end and feeling pretty tapped this week with demands, but I feel completely connected to my little man. 

At the very least, I'm learning all the names of the Thomas trains. And maybe that's enough to make me a good mom, too.

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