Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last week we had our driveway redone to repair a large sinkhole that the roofer's truck had left. I decided that rather than listen to the jackhammer all day I would hit up a few thrift stores in Loveland.  I'm going to have to drive up there more often. I was quite impressed with all how well stocked the books, toys, and kids clothes sections were. Here are my favorite finds from the day:

I always forget how close it really is to us and what a pretty drive it is. I'm pretty sure I'll make the drive up there again soon!

This week I did a quick stop in to a closer store and found these:

The Beatrix Potter Collection was still sealed and had a price tag from Pottery Barn for 40$.  Mia loves checking out these stories from the library and we've been working our way through the stories at bedtime.
I'm taking the rest of the week off and packing up the kids for a visit with my mom and sister. We'll be hitting some thrift stores while I'm there and doing our best to keep six kids happy. I'll share the goods when we get back!! Have a great weekend!! 

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