Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Get Crafty

Last week Mark asked me to look around for a bulletin board to hang in the office/craft room that can hold his Polaroids. Everything I looked at was small and expensive and made with ribbon that seemed too loose. I got it in my head that I could make one on my own, especially after a friend mentioned using canvas as the base. 

So, on a trip to the craft store, I picked up a large canvas (I think it's 18x24), large brads from the scrapbooking section, elastic, and hot glue sticks. The fabric I picked up on the sale table in the home decorator section a while back for 2$ a yard. FYI, that's the best place to pick up heavier weight fabric for bags or homemade curtains. You can often get a whole bunch for hardly any money. 

Once home I put hot glue all over the canvas and lay a layer of batting (add a few if you want a puffy look) down to help give it some cushion. Then I stretched the fabric over the edges and hot glued it down. It's not too pretty on the other side, but that side will be against the wall and you won't see it!

Here's what it looked like:

Then I got it in my head that the white elastic would just get lost and decided to tea dye it. To be honest, I don't love it and wish I would have left it be. I don't hate it enough to re-do it, though. Once the elastic was dry (overnight) I stretched it across the canvas and hot glued the ends on the hidden part of the canvas. I then used an exacto blade to poke a hole and insert in the brads. If you have something else with a finer point to use, I'd recommend that. Quite a few times I came close to cutting through the whole strip of elastic with the exacto.

Here's what it looked like then: 

And now with a few photos tucked in:

A super easy project that turned out pretty great in my opinion. It's unique and the elastic holds way better than just ribbon. Truth be told it probably cost the same as the board I saw in the stores, but I like that I used fabric that I loved. And, it's easy enough that in a year or so I could re-do it if we want a change. 

I'm already thinking of doing some fabric canvas (how do you pluralize that, canvai?) for the kids' rooms with fabric that I love. It's a great and inexpensive way to add some character to their rooms without spending a ton of money. 

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Michele said...

Hello! I love your craftyness!! You have some of mom in you!