Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's For Dinner

One of the best things about being at home is the time it affords me to menu plan and cook on a regular basis. It's been part of the routine now to shop (usually with babies in tow) and plan at least 4 meals to cook for the week. Some weeks this means planning super easy things and old standbys. Other weeks, I'm able to explore more and try new things. I store a lot of recipes to try on Pinterest and also use Simply Recipes, Pioneer Woman, and 101 Cookbooks all the time.

These are my main resources. Everyday Food is an excellent magazine with easy but incredibly tasty recipes in it. I use it for at least one meal a week. Last week is was Denver Omelet Cups. Yum! That Jaime Oliver book is like my cooking bible. We love the stew and Indian food recipes. Last week we made the Crispy Chicken with roasted veggies and it was delicious. I also recommend the Ellie Kreiger cookbooks and the Everyday Food Anthologies that you can get via your favorite bookstore.

This is the menu board that we have hanging in the kitchen. I got the idea for this on Pinterest and picked up the frame for cheap. I used scrapbook paper and stickers for the inside of each frame and then bought a pack of dry erase markers. I write directly on the glass and erase it every Sunday. It's been a life saver as far as having a well known plan. Mia checks it regularly and often grumbles about the dinner plans, but since starting to use it there are less fights about why she can't eat waffles. I will admit that there are many meals that she won't eat much of. There are no substitutes anymore and if she chooses not to eat, there is no dessert or snacks later in the evening. We also feed the babies whatever we are having too. The only exception is super spicy foods.

Right now, Wednesday is always a pick up dinner night. Mia has dance class until 6 and it's too much to come home and try to cook. We have a homemade pizza night once a week too. The dough recipe I use for that is from Simply Recipes.

If I'm really doing good I use this menu planner from Real Simple. ***Just saw that Ali Edward's has a menu planner on her blog today---great minds think alike.*** Mostly I just use a long list and inevitibly miss one or two ingredients.

I'd love to hear about your favorite meal planning resources and favorite recipes!  I'm always up to trying new foods!


Anonymous said...


I've got so many go-to cookbooks and food blogs, wish I had more time to cook.

Have you seen this cookbook? It's beautifully put together (by Larry David's ex-wife), offers heartfelt family table advice and there's some great recipes in here:


dnsvm said...

You're the second person to recommend that book recently. Adding it to the cart now! Thank you so much for the suggestion and keep sharing your favorites!

racheycarter said...

That menu board is such a great idea! It would help immensely with our grocery shopping trips and trying out new recipes. I'm stuck in a rut with what I cook, usually because I know we have the ingredients in the house -- and I don't buy ingredients to make new things because I haven't planned ahead to know what I'm making! Vicious cycle. Ha ha.

Katie Anderson said...

Hey Denise - I love cooking too and am always trying new recipes - it's fun and keeps dinner fresh! Right now I am searching for a way to store my "favorite" recipes. Been looking for and app or a program where I can keep them elecronically rather than on cards all over the place or in the cookbooks - which surprise surprise I have a zillion of! Heard of any good apps or programs? Would love to trade recipies...have a friend who's family does a twitter...I share recipes...might be fun... Chat soon!! Katie

dnsvm said...


I know a lot of people "store" their recipes on Pinterest now. Having a food or recipe board is an easy way to have it all in one place. I'll keep my eyes out for an app recommendation! I'll try to post favorite recipes here on a regular basis and would love to swap ideas with you!


Anonymous said...

Oh and since you love Indian, this Wholesome Kitchen cookbook has wonderful recipes...

...written by Australian cook.

If you like cooking with quinoa and lentils and other grains, its great. Yummy quinoa chocolate chip cookies! Delicious red lentil and carrot dip... Yummy soups and salads too. It offers up ways to prep meals vegetarian too which of course I love.

Oh and I just realized I apparently liked the book so much I wrote an amazon review of it (I never do that). HA!


Jenny Meyerson said...

Love this. Spending some time this weekend while most of the family is away, doing a couple weeks of meal planning. I have Pioneer Woman's cookbook, but I will try these other suggestions as well.
I have some recipes I have bookmarked to try out on pinterest and from sites that I have discovered through my cupcake journey. Obviously all of us have this on our minds right now - my sister, my next door neighbor,you, Ali, and me!
Thanks for your post. Getting excited about discovering some new recipes!