Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Thrifting Tale

A couple weeks ago one of the bloggers I follow posted her tutorial on thrifting on her site Frecklewonder. Although I have been thrifting for years she had some great ideas that I couldn't wait to put into use. Like, wearing headphones while you shop....HELLO?!?!  Why have I not tried this before? She also talks about casing the store first with a quick tour around the whole store before settling into your sections. I love her recommendation for having baby wipes on hand which I discovered once I had kids!  Your hands can get pretty grimy especially when digging through the books. Jenny's also mentioned doing a quick drop in regularly. This means not spending an hour or two, but running in with a pretty specific eye for what you want---hoping to find added treasures too.

Now, our little town just got word that we'll get our first major thrift store this summer. I can't wait and am sure I'll be there at least once a week. The other stores are about 30 minutes away which isn't easy to pull off with two toddlers. So, I have to take trips when I can and most often without the gaggle of kids.

Quick aside----My love of thrifting expanded tenfold once I had kids. I found with twins it was necessary for us to use thrifting to get what we needed for them cheap. You can find amazing deals on barely worn clothes at ridiculously cheap prices. When I found out we were having fraternal boy/girl twins I was able to pick up outfits for them for often less than a dollar by paying attention to discounts and sales the stores were having. Even now, I am able to dress all three kids in Gap, Children's Place, Gymboree, and Boden without having spent a ton of money. Also, when I was teaching the majority of my classroom books came from the thrift stores. It felt a lot better to have books "disappear" into the hands of my students when you only paid 25-50 cents for them.

Last week we discovered that despite it being middle of winter our eldest daughter had outgrown her snow pants, boots, and lost another pair of gloves. Well, Target has already begun stocking for summer and so their kid's dept. had hardly anything in the way of winter gear (I did score 50 cent gloves and an expensive pair of snow boots). I decided to hit up one of the thrift stores in search of snow pants. The other night, I happened to be out near my favorite thrift store after dinner out with a friend. I had half an hour (not nearly enough time in my book) and just one item that I HAD to find---anything else would be bonus. I headed to the kids section first and found right away a whole rack of snow pants. They had the same style she has now but in the next size up. SOLD!  Then I made my way to the home goods for a quick scan. I was hoping to find some wire letter holders for a fabric storage idea that I saw on Pinterest. No luck, but I did find an amazing duo of small glass mugs. They aren't fancy, but I saw them and thought of cold root beer for me and my girl. I also found a dish that at first glance seemed like a Pyrex, but had no label on the bottom. I wavered on that one and even put it back on the shelf. But, when the speaker announced it was closing time, I went back to get it. For some reason it spoke to me. I didn't get nearly enough time, I didn't get to look at books or search through clothes for the twins, but in a short time I got the one thing I really needed for cheap.
The small haul
Let's hope for many more thrifting adventures soon.


frecklewonder said...

YAY!!!!!! This makes me so happy!!!

That pyrex you found is such a score, I LOVE that pattern!!!!!

Happy Thrifting!
xo Jenny

dnsvm said...

So it is Pyrex!!!! I wasn't sure because it had nothing on the bottom like normal! Thank you for sharing all your thrifting adventures with us and inspiring me to document my own more!!

racheycarter said...

It spoke to you because that pattern is *amazing*. Well done! I'll be upping the thrifting in preparation for our wedding. I need some vintage fabric scraps among other eclectic things. What major store is opening there?

dnsvm said...

We're getting a Goodwill in the old Albertson's on Main. Now all I need is an ARC store and I'd never have to leave!

christina@pmv said...

Nice finds! Your dish is actually a collectible pattern called Blue Heaven, which was produced by Fire King.

dnsvm said...

Thank you so much for the link! I'm so glad to know that my hunch in picking it up was right!!!