Sunday, February 12, 2012

Star Solstice # 4

This week's block was another paper piecing block.  Thanks to the last block I was less afraid on this one and it seemed to come together easier.  This is all leftover fabric from the very first quilt I made just about two years ago.

I really do think going through the steps to learn how to piece together these blocks (and the one from my Block of the Month club) have made me a better quilter (and seamstress in general). I've learned how to be more precise with measuring and cutting. I pay more attention to the way the fabrics work together. The bonus is that the blocks don't take a long time to do. This one took a little less than three naps times. One day for cutting and two for sewing it together. It could be done quicker if you don't have two toddlers that are fighting nap times like crazy.

There is still one more block to go of Faith's series and I encourage you to try it out!  It's been so much fun!!

You can find out all about it on her blog:

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