Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

The hardest thing about having fraternal twins is trying to keep a synced schedule despite their differences. Having them synced is what has saved us and is my number one advice for twin parents. Do whatever you can to get them on the same schedule. Ours sleep at the same time, eat at the same time, and at the risk of TMI, they seem to poop at the same time too. It took a lot of planning and awareness early on, but it has helped us tremendously!  A side note: The twins were in the NICU for a month after birth. The nurses had them on a strict feeding schedule. We kept to that when we brought them home, even if it meant waking them (and ourselves). It set the groundwork for keeping them synced for sure.

I am pretty sure that our little Naomi would still be napping twice a day if she didn't have a brother that was trying to phase naps altogether. Often, it's his jumping and hollering that keeps her up. She is almost always the first one to give in and fall asleep. She'll sleep despite all Hollis's noise. She falls hard and if you wake her too soon she can be quite a bear.  Usually she wakes just a few minutes after Hollis and by the time I get up to their room they are both awake and ready to go. On Saturday Hollis woke up from his nap early and Mark was able to sneak him out of the room without waking Sleeping Beauty. We let her sleep 20 minutes more and then I went in to wake her. I turned on the light and opened the blinds and she still didn't budge. So, I snapped pictures of her sweet little crossed fingers---tucked in with a book and a superhero. Despite the clicking of the camera and the lights she just wasn't ready to get up. Finally, after rubbing her back a little and talking to her softly she started to stir.

She was groggy and grouchy for a while, but I'm so glad I got a chance to take a picture of my sweet little sleeper.

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