Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Life Week 7

I took this whole Valentine's pink/red/heart theme and ran with it this week. Funny since we didn't really do much to celebrate. We had our traditional breakfast for dinner with heart plates and I made treats for Mia's class. We did exchange cards and got Mia a few crafty presents, but the day itself slipped away quietly. We did take Mia to see the latest Cirque show to come to town and counted that as our "date." This is the second one she's seen and it's always so fun to see it through her eyes. She loved the clown and the trampoline troupe.  

For the first page I made a banner with Jenni Bowlin stickers and sewed across them. Mark took the Polaroid of the babies and I dressed up the card with colored pencil and a heart rub-on. I included the Cirque tickets and a tag from the mask that she bought. They don't let you take pictures in the venue so that was the best we could do to document that night. The Little Things I Love card is from Fancy Pants Designs. I'm loving all the handwriting that I'm able to add thanks to the journaling cards. They aren't perfect, but it's nice to get that homemade and familiar touch to my spreads. 

I wanted to keep the cards that we gave each other so I just slipped them in a 6x12 page protector. It's not ideal, but it keeps them in here. This is the front of the card that Mark gave Mia. I love that he gives her cards just from him. It makes her feel so special.

The second spread has pictures of my new running shoes (it was time last pair was 10 years old), Hollis noshing on pancakes, Naomi, and instagrams from girls' night and breakfast.  Mark texted me the picture of him and Hollis while I took Mia to dance class so I had to add it in!

Here is a close up.  On the Love Notes card I wrote a short letter to my family. I did just one card of a quick summary of the week rather than keep track day to day. My friend Elisa put together the instagram pictures of all of us using the PicFrame app.

Overall, it's probably one of my favorite layouts so far. I like how many photos I was able to get in and how it all coordinates together. This next week should be interesting to document. Mark is going out of town and I'll be visiting family. It'll will be a whole different routine to document and new faces to add in. 

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