Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life Week 6

I am in to the second month of this project and still feeling warm fuzzies about how it's helped me capture the everyday of our lives. It's one thing I didn't realize with having more kids----time speeds up to warp speed and before you know it you have nearly 2 1/2 year olds.  Kiddos that can negotiate snacks, ask for hugs and kisses, and turn everyday into an unexpected adventure. I'm blown away all the time with how quickly it's gone this time around. 

This first half of last week was pretty uneventful. Mark sprained his ankle enough to warrant a trip to urgent care and get a brace.  He spent the next few days hobbling around the house and helping when he could. It was also really cold so the babies took lots of baths and played indoors. The top left photo is an instagram printed to 2x2 that a friend took of Mia sledding. I also included a quote from Mia about how when people die they turn into Muppets. It was a sweet conversation and so interesting to get a glimpse into the mind of a 6 year old. 

Here's a close up. I've become quite obsessed with the Lily Bee letter stickers and often just sew through them to add more dimension to the cards. I've just run out of the black letters though so I'll need to get creative as there isn't a trip to the scrapbook store planned for a bit. The grainy photo of Hollis & Mark was a self portrait that Mark sent me!

The last half of the week the babies got to meet our friend's new puppy. They are in love with that little dog and keep asking to go to her house. It really is the perfect sized dog for a two year old! On Thursday night I met a friend for dinner and when I came home and peeked in on Mia she was sleeping with her arms around three stuffed animals and her fingers crossed. I had to snap a photo! The photos of Hollis reading (in his crib with a hat on) and Naomi (in "her" chair, watching TV) show exactly what our everyday is like.

Mark went to a new brewery on Saturday and brought home one of the coasters. I love that he is snapping photos and thinking of things to add to the pages too. It's not always easy to include photos of us, but having little mementos is a great way to get "us" in the book too!

Sometimes I feel like my enhancements of the journaling cards is more of the same, but I think that's also what makes this a do-able project for me. I don't have to think outside any box and come up with something new. In doing what feels comfortable, I still have a book that I am super proud of and love looking through. It's too easy as creative folk to get too critical or compare yourself to others. If we are happy and love what we are doing that has to be enough. I look forward to playing with next week and the Valentine's theme a little more.

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