Monday, February 06, 2012

Project Life Week 5

I am loving the flexibility that this project allows me. I can add lots of photos from the same day (3 from Sunday) or not have a photo at all (what happened on Wednesday). And yet I feel like it is a true representation of the small moments that happened here this week. Without Project Life these moments would get lost in the shuffle of the day to day routine. 

Here's the first page with three photos from Mia's day out with Mark and then Lego club with me. She loves having her own time with us and so we try to make sure we plan something pretty regularly. It's also been a running joke with a friend of mine that I am always at the grocery store.  It's become part of the Monday---get the babies and me out of the house---routine. I took a picture of all the groceries in our entry way last week. 

Here is a close up of the fabric ruffles I made for the "title" card. It seems a layout isn't complete unless I've sewn something on it!!

The second half of the week had the birth of my nephew Grady (isn't he adorable) and a snow storm that cancelled school. I didn't do a lot of fussing with this side of the layout.

And, I am adding perhaps my favorite drawing Mia has ever done. Her family. She has added in aunts, cousins, Grandma's, dogs, and Mark's glasses. It is the truest depiction of our large and loving family. I'm not sure yet what I'll place on the other side. Right now I'm eyeing her writing of her version of the Neverending Story, but she's not done yet.

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