Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Misc. Sharing

While we went and visited my mom, Mark went to New York for a whirlwind weekend of photography, concerts, and friends.  He came home exhausted, but also super inspired to work on more photography things. I love to see him amped about his creative endeavors and look forward to seeing what he makes of it. He brought home presents for all of us (hello, Strand book tote), including this amazing Doodle New York book for Mia. She has been working in it every night since. She loves the prompts and has been asking a lot about New York. She even wanted to use her computer to research certain things in the book. It's the most connected I've seen her become to one of our trips.

I still haven't finished last week's Project Life. I'm close. I'm finding that I have a ton of pictures and need to really edit myself. I wanted to show you that I have been crafty, though.  First, before I left I finished the last Solstice Star square. Now I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them. I didn't plan ahead well enough so that they all "match." Faith showed some great quilt options on her blog, but I can't really see them all going together. For now they'll go in the ongoing projects pile until something comes to me. Or, I get more Tula Pink fabric and redo some of the squares. You can read more about the series on Fresh Lemons Quilts.

While at my mom's house I worked on scrapbook pages for more recent photos of the kids. This is probably the fewest I've completed while there in a while, but they are done and ready to be slipped into their books. When I am working on pages I try to do a one for each kid rotation. It helps me get through the photo stack evenly and add to each book for each scrap session. I have one book for each kid and the twin's pages end up looking pretty similar. It's easier that way to whip out more! I also devised a rule that if all three are in a photo, it gets put in the oldest child's book. Of course, if the story behind the page is specific to a child it goes in their book first. I do have a handful of photos for the twins that I want in both books. These keep being pushed to the back of the pile for obvious reasons.

I also have a huge stack of books to read from the library. Every couple of months I go through my Goodreads to-read list and put myself on the hold list for as many books as I can. Usually there is more of a wait time and I get 3 books at a time. Over the course of the past two weeks, my pile has grown and grown. I'm not sure I'll work my way through the whole pile before they're due, but that's the magic of the library---I can renew or add myself to the list again. No harm done. It is a bit intimidating to see this pile staring me down. You'll notice the pile is YA heavy. I have a real love of young adult fiction lately. The authors in this genre are really pushing the envelope and writing with such real characters and story lines. I'm in awe of what they are doing for literature.

What are you reading or working on today? I'd love to hear some more recommendations for not too deep books to read!!

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