Thursday, February 16, 2012


Jenny at Frecklewonder wrote about how she heard the thrifting fairy whispering to her and did a quick stop in and found amazing things. I heard my own version of the fairy this AM and luckily had a few bags to take to the local thrift store. I knew it would be a pretty quick trip because I had the babies, but I was able to talk a good friend into going too. It seems when I can put the babies in actual carts (rather than their stroller) they handle it a little better. I also packed snacks and milk cups and we hit up the books first to give them lots to look at as we made our way through the store. 

Here are some of the fabulous things we found:

This Pyrex bowl is such a cool shape. It's not in great shape, but I'm hoping a wash will perk it up a bit. 

I have a thing for strawberries and this little bowl caught my eye pretty quick. It has a foil label that says Kobe Kitchen--Made in Japan.  It is rimmed with metal and in pretty good shape. It'll be a perfect candy or nut dish!

Look at these delish record covers that my friend pulled from the record stacks! The records themselves aren't in great condition, but if they don't play well then I'm going to frame the covers and hang them in the twin's room. They were too good to pass up!

This is a favorite record of ours and we hadn't found it on vinyl yet. It's not in great shape either, but I'm hoping it'll work. Plus, vinyl at thrift stores is so cheap that it's hard to say no.

Since I had the babies with me, we piled a bunch of books in their laps. These are the ones we brought home (oh and a blue's clues and pooh board book). I love the old school Grover and the Paddington books. The kids books at this shop are all 99 cents. You can find them cheaper out there, but a dollar a book doesn't bother me one bit.

There were a few other items that I didn't take pictures of. I picked up a darling toddler backpack for Naomi. Both her and Hollis have been asking for backpacks and this one is purple with a doll sewn into it. I'm pretty sure they'll fight over it until I find a second backpack on my next outing. I looked through the kids clothes for pants for H. and PJs, but their kids clothes weren't too exciting. I did pick up one Children's Place summer dress for 2.99 for Mia.

The husband goes out of town next week and I'm hoping to sneak in a day of thrifting before he goes. If not, I'm off to visit my mom next weekend and will hit up the stores in her town. I seem to have the best luck when I'm with her!

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