Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life Week 4

This is one of those weeks where I didn't take out the camera too much and we really didn't do anything. Still, I found it pretty easy to fill the slots this week and not worry too much about the embellishments. I'm finding that if I can do a little something each day (printing photos, adding journaling card, collecting the "stuff") it comes together easier and better on Saturday. Of course, that is also depending on whether the two toddlers decide to nap. Lately, that's been more of a treat rather than in their schedule, despite my pleas and bargaining. 

The first side has three photos from the same day.  Really, those three photos summed up what we did for the first half of the week. There was a lot of cuddling and playing and coloring. There were also lots of quarrels and tears and downtime with Blue. Mark took the two polaroids of our cat Niko. I added his various nicknames to the bottoms of the pictures. 

I realized when putting everything together that Mia was pretty absent from this week. So, I decided to print a photo of her favorite show of the moment and have her write why she likes it. I love seeing her handwriting in here and she was so excited to add it in. I also added in a few of the cards I received from people at Mia's school for helping with a PTO function. Our favorite date night pizza place has these really cool "placemats" that they use and so I cut one down for the last slot. 

Here is a close up of Mia's card and the only card that I did any extra work to. I took another fabric scrap (redundant, but so easy!) and sewed it to the card to help divide the journaling for Thursday and Friday. 
On the Pizzeria Locale paper I added a Smash tag and one of the new Martha Stewart/Avery tags. 

I printed out one of the self-portrait instagrams I did this week to a 2x2 size and attached it to one of the journaling cards. I'm really trying to get both Mark and I in here when I can!

That's it!  Simple and easy and most importantly, done!  I have to say again that I am loving doing this and watching how it all comes together week to week. Now with four double pages in our album it's starting to feel like a real scrapbook!  Mia sat and read through it again last night and that really is the best part of all.

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