Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life Week 3

There is just no stopping me now. This week I even added an insert because I had so much that I wanted to include. I didn't have much down time during the days, so I printed most of the photos in five minute increments here and there. I tend to print out more than I actually use. I put the rest of it together Sunday afternoon when luckily we were graced with a nap from the babies and Mia was playing with a friend. Simple and easy is still my mantra with this project, but I am playing more and more with creative layouts and adding embellishments.

This first side has our Mommy/daughter date to Beauty and the Beast, cuddling time, a tag from Mark's new Polaroid, and wrapping from our favorite chocolate car company Mast Bros. I used letter stickers from Colorbloc, Thickers, and Lilybee. I also used my trusty Sharpie paint pen. Everything else is from the Project Life kit. This page has one of my most favorite pictures ever of the babies wearing undies. Full disclosure time: Hollis is wearing girl undies. It started with Naomi wanting to practice going potty. I put undies on her and Hollis didn't want to be left out. They ran around in their undies for about a half hour and then proceeded to wet them. Needless to say, we got a long way to go in the potty training thing.

Here is the first side of the insert. I just cut down one of the Design A page protectors and added a collectible card with got from the Beauty and Beast movie, a picture of Hollis playing on his computer, a picture of a typical mess and a journaling card from Smash.

Here's the back with a thank you card from my sister and pictures of the babies at Itty Bitty City. On these I added some scraps of Tula Pink fabric from a quilt square I worked on this week. I love adding in these bits of fabric as a way to remember some of the sewing projects I worked on!

The second half of the week's layout has more iPhone photos. I took a screen capture of the weather (almost 60 in January is insane!), Mia at the dentist, my shadow and Mia at a birthday party she went to. The top photo is a timer photo of me and Naomi reading. I love that even if the photo isn't perfect (ex. the dentist photo is too dark, the one of Mia at the party is too blurry), it looks good in the whole layout. And, it's more realistic anyways. It's rare to get wonderful photos when your kids move at lightning speed most of the time!

Mark's mom came for a short visit this weekend and I'm bummed I didn't get a photo of her to add in. We were busy playing and visiting and it just never happened.

You can read more about Project Life here.

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