Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life Week 2

Oh my! I am loving this project. It's been so fun to let expectations go and document the small moments that make our home so wonderful and crazy! This week I didn't worry too much about having a picture a day. There were some days that I took more and other days that I had nothing but a few iPhone photos or  papers and tags gathered from the week. I didn't stress about where they went in the page protectors, just let things come together. I have to admit here that I am obsessed with my white Sharpie paint pen. I use it all the time and found myself writing on quite a few photos again this week. 

Here's some close-ups:

Those little "flags" are bits of fabric from a quilt I am working on. I saw the scraps in the trash beneath my ironing board and dug them out to add here!  This is a darling photo of Mia & Naomi that I caught as they played!

On the bath photo is another fabric scrap. I cut off a small bit of the Starbucks cup holder and added a Levi's tag from a new pair of jeans I bought this week. I love how easy it's been to collect things to add to this book!  

I took a bit of coloring that Hollis did, a piece of the box from Mia's new jazz shoes, and part of the Amazon packing slip for the book Everyone Poops. Yup, I've got two potty obsessed babies. They aren't fully potty training yet, but we are doing a lot of talking about it, practicing and naked playtime. 

Our friend, Ali, gave Mia her old stamp collection. I had Mia pick out these to include in our book. 
It was a fun way to spruce up the "title" card.

Here's what it looks like all laid out:

I'll have one insert to add but I'm waiting for some 6x12 page protectors. One of Mark's friends is at the South Pole and she sent him some Antarctica beer pints. I'll include her letter and a 4x4 instagram photo of the cups in the insert.

There is nothing fancy here. I spend a little time each day printing photos or collecting bits & pieces. On Saturday afternoon I put it all together and add stickers, journaling, and anything else I want. I have to say that already the book is becoming a big hit in the house. Mia spent Saturday morning having me read everything in it (so far). Mark was the one to want to add the insert and told me the other night that he finds himself thinking of saving things to add to it. It's been really awesome to see how it's changed the way I view scrapbooking in Project Life vs. our individual scrapbooks.

You can find out more about Project Life here.

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