Monday, January 09, 2012

Project Life Week 1

When I first heard of Project Life last year, I thought there was no way I could commit to doing it for a whole year. I already had three scrapbooks to keep up with and was really starting to feel comfortable with the style within those books. However, I really liked seeing what my mom was doing with her book and a lot of the creative bloggers I follow were doing it too. I was definitely intrigued. Seeing what they were able to capture of their lives through photos and words made it pretty appealing.  I love the idea of catching the small moments that we have day to day. And, let's be honest----I'm getting the bulk of my scrapbooking done on a less than regular basis. Those scrapbook pages are covering the major events and stories for each child, but they don't tell the whole story at all.

So, I did it. I ordered the bare minumum (the Clementine Edition) and decided that I'd give it a go.

After this first week I'm kinda in love and see why people are over the moon about it. It's simple and there is tons of room for adding your own creative spin to it.  I'm a scrap lift kinda girl and so I know that it'll take me a while to really find my own voice. I keep the mantra running through my head of keeping it as simple as possible. Even looking at these photos, I'm noticing things I could go back and add or change. Instead, I think I'll let it be and let the pages tell the story of my own growth over the year.

Here's the first page, which has been dubbed the title page.

I added my favorite recent photos of us all and used some rub-ons for the name and "stamp." The patterned cards that come with the kit are beautiful!!

Each week is a two page spread and this is page one. I included our movie tickets, packaging from a gift from England, and one blown up Instagram photo. I wrote directly on the tree photo with a Sharpie paint pen (I love those things). I'm finding that having my camera nearby and ready to shoot is the biggest obstacle. Luckily, the iPhone works well too even though scratches make most of my photos come out with a soft focus.

This is page two:

I used three photos from one day because I loved them so much. I added sticker letters to the cards that come with kit and again wrote on one of the photos to tell more of the story.

Here are close ups:

I sewed through the letter stickers on the Thursday tag and got my husband to to the writing for the Saturday card. I really want to make sure it's not just my voice through out the book. I hope to get Mia in on the act too!

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to be working on it as a week at a glance or daily yet. This first week it worked out to piece it together a little each day and then add finishing touches on Saturday. My week runs Sun-Sat. and I'm hoping to post about it every Monday.

Let's hope that every week goes as smoothly as this week did!!

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