Tuesday, January 03, 2012

December Daily Pt. 5

This is my last post about my December Daily book and I have to say that I'll definitely be doing it again next year. I loved how it made the month slow down a bit and that I had a chance to document some of the smaller moments that would have otherwise been overlooked. In the end, it ended up being pretty dang simple and it turned out beautifully. 
Day 21
 Full size picture to document the yummy cupcakes that Mark brought home for an after dinner treat!

Small insert

Small insert
For these inserts I cut down a baseball card holder (purchased at Staples) and added small pictures and stickers.  The music note paper was cut from an envelope that my mother sent me. I loved finding bits and pieces from mail and catalogs to add to the book!

Day 22
We had a huge snowstorm on day 22 and I took pictures from the window.  I wrote directly on the picture with a fine point Sharpie paint pen!

Day 23
As it got closer to Christmas Mia began to have some serious anxiety about Santa coming and not leaving anything for her. This was a letter I wrote to her about it. I printed it directly on patterned paper and embellished it with an Ormulu tag and stickers.

Day 24
 Mia got in on the cookie action just long enough to snap some photos. Then she left me to bake a few dozen chocolate chip cookies!

Filler page
 This page is basically a filler page with the letter that Mia got back from Santa (the letterhead I found on Pinterest) and bits from the Christmas card that my mom made!

Day 25
Christmas morning here was really mellow and we spent the next few hours engrossed with our new toys!  Santa brought everyone new computers! Hollis loves his little toy computer and Mia was shocked to find her very own laptop (a HP notebook).  I snapped a few pictures and used them on this two page spread.


Although I meant to end the book on the 25th, we spent a few days after Christmas celebrating with my family. I wanted to include the pictures from then in the book too. I also made an insert with that held just pieces of the Christmas cards that we received. I cut parts of the cards into 2 inch squares and adhered them to cardstock. I've done that for a few years now, but I loved having a more fitting place to keep them in! The very last page of my book is a simple reflection of all the memories that I want to remember.

So even thought I set out to do only 12 days, I ended up doing 26!  It feels so good to have it all done and I'm ready to move on to new projects. I've been doing a ton of scrapbook pages and started this week Project Life. Mom helped me clean and organize my craft room when she was up and it's finally starting to feel like a usable workspace. I'll share more of my crafty endeavors with you later this week!

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