Friday, December 23, 2011

December Daily Pt. 4

We have been pretty busy around here. Everyone is on vacation and it seems that we have places to go and things to do. Of course, this week we also had a stomach bug (for Mia) and a snow storm that made everything slow down just a little. I am pretty sure I'll have one more (maybe two) update before the end of this project. We're heading to see my family right after Christmas and I'm looking forward to including them in our book too. My thoughts right now are that I am so glad I took this project on. It got my hands on the paper and glue sticks again. It's made me slow down and think about each day a little too. I think it was the perfect thing to practice before I start Project Life. I will say that although I've taken the simple approach, this project has pushed aside all my other projects---mainly sewing. I think that's probably okay for now. I'm hoping to just work on Project Life one day a week so I'm hoping it's not as time consuming. I'm definitely looking to other bloggers for inspiration with that one.

Day 16--Baked Cookies

I am pretty impressed that I've figured out how to print at home more and have been playing with sizes. This is a 5.5x8.5 picture of the cookie dough batch I made the other night. Those cookies have since disappeared. I used a Sharpie fine tip paint pen to write directly on the photo!
Day 17---Nutcracker
I've blurred out Mia's friends faces, but was glad to get a photo of these dear little girls. Mia was so happy to see the Nutcracker done by her dance studio. It's made her want to do dance again after taking nearly six months off. I hole punched the program and included in the book.

Day 18--Cookie Party

Day 18
Wow. Three "pages" for one day. It all started with a text from some girlfriends to be in ready in ten for a coffee break. Luckily, Mark was home and sent me out!  Later I took Mia to a cookie party at a friends house. I used instagram photos (printed at home) for both the pages and sewed my own page protector from a larger sleeve.
Day 19--Date with Daddy
Mia had been asking for a special day with Daddy. They headed out early in the day for rock climbing, the Muppets movie, lunch and a spontaneous trip to the ice rink. They got home just before dinner and Mia passed out pretty quickly that night. She woke up the next morning sick, but loved her time with Mark.
Day 20---About Me
Here was another day where I had nothing planned. Until I spent a lot of the day wishing I could sit with my tea and episodes of Downton Abbey. It made a perfect page!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish you love, peace, and joy. I'll be back later next week!!

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