Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily Pt. 2

I have to admit that I am happily shocked that I've been able to keep up with this project so far. I really like it. I love having all the moments from the holidays collected in one place. I also love that I'm taking the most simplistic approach possible, but staying true to my style of scrapbooking. I apologize for the amount of photos in this post, but I'm on a roll, people.

Day Four
Mark & Mia went to pick out our very first real Christmas tree. She took her job so seriously and they came home with a gorgeous tree!  I have a small instagram of her & Santa to add in here once I figure out how I want it to work.
Day Five
Have you heard of Portable North Pole. It came to me at just the perfect time when Mia has been having a lot of trouble listening and behaving at home and school. The thought that Santa is watching her and knows her---golden. The look on her face is one of my all time favorites.

Day Six
I had absolutely nothing going on on day six. But, a few visitors had made comments about our abundance of animal ornaments. It made the perfect page!

Day Seven
Again, nothing planned and no pictures taken. Instead, I used a bit of wrapping paper, cut out from a TOMS catalog and some extra pictures from previous days. There are no real rules, right?

Day Eight

Day Eight

Day Eight
One thing I haven't figured out is how to feature the babies more. It's hard because they aren't really aware of what's going on and big things tend to happen while they're napping. Luckily, their second birthday fell right on day eight! I used a bit of a Starbuck's bag that I got one day to add to my "together" theme for these pages. Am I the only one who loves their Christmas marketing?

Day Nine
Mia's school concert!  That girl sang so loud that at one point a "friend" told her to sing softer. She said, "No way, I promised my mom I was gonna sing out!" Gotta love that about her. She loves music and isn't afraid to show it!
Day Ten

Day Ten
 This was an extra picture from her brunch with Santa that I just loved. I put more of that Starbuck's bag on the back and stitched a smaller page protector to hold it in.

Day Ten
I stepped away from the typical Christmas colors to highlight her pink and grey dress!  I think I need to push myself to do that more!!

Day Eleven
Again, no picture. I printed on photo paper a picture from the movie and added our movie tickets. This movie was way cuter than I imagined. I loved Arthur and his bumbling Christmas-geek ways. There are also a ton of homages to other movies and inside jokes that parents will chuckle at.

I am happy to report that this project has made me dig out more photos from the past year. I'm slowly catching up on the kids' scrapbooks. I also have ordered Project Life and can't wait to give it a shot.

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