Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec. Daily Pt. 3

I have to tell you that these few pages really were hard to pull together. I was in a creative slump and felt the urge to just get it done. It also was a week that we didn't have a lot going on so documenting our life was rather bland. I'm going to have to figure out a way to get over that feeling once I start Project Life.
Day 12--insert with journaling
Day 12
I had intended to have Mia write her letter to Santa later in the week, but I have to admit that she had this letter written up early in the month. It's been hanging on our fridge and I didn't have a thing to write about this day. I snapped a photo of the letter and there you go. She is asking for a real black and white kitten. We are trying to set her up for the disappointment that will happen Christmas morning when there is no kitten.  Why couldn't she have asked for something simpler?
Day 13 Girls Night Out
My girlfriends and I had a night out at my favorite restaurant. It was so much fun getting to reconnect with these women that continually raise me up and fill my soul.  My friend Lisa ordered a super fancy lavender drink so I included a picture of it!  I really need to take more pictures of the grown-ups (myself included).

Day 14--Lazy Day
 On this day we didn't leave the house. Didn't even get dressed. It was a much needed lazy day!

I failed in the card department this year when it comes to getting a photo card done. Instead I found some pretty cards and felt grateful that I was getting them done at all!  A very simple page with my favorite of our two designs included.

That makes the half way mark and I've got the best parts of the holiday coming up soon!  Whew!

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