Monday, November 21, 2011


With the birth of Mia this blog became a place to document the craziness that comes with being a parent. It was easy to at least have her to blog about and to know that I would write to her once a month until she turned two.  With the twins, it was easy to continue the tradition of the monthly posts.  They help me remember the nuances that come with the first two years. Next month the babies turn two and I'm thinking that it'll be time to rehaul this blog a bit. I'm not sure what to do, really. It's been easy to hide in the background a bit and I'm not sure how to expand my writings to include me.  I think it might be time to change that. I know that I'll still have stories to tell about the three kids, but it also seems that without that monthly post I won't have a real purpose to log in here and update. I don't want that to happen. So, I'm spending the next couple weeks thinking of how to redefine the purpose of this blog a little and add a little bit more of me in here. I have a few ideas and look forward to trying them out. I'm also trying to decide if a new name for ye olde blog is in order.

I'm open to suggestions if you have any.  I know that for the most part there are only a few of you that check in here and I'm grateful for the comments I've had about this blog.  Are there things you would like to see more of? Less? Do you have a fabulous suggestion for a name? Check back soon and we'll see what's in store for the new & improved blog!

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Ellen said...

I love reading about what's up w/ the kiddos, but I'd love even more to read about what you're doing (with them as a part of that). Whenever I get a glance at what you're crafting, what you and the mister are eating, listening to, I really enjoy that! xo Ellen