Monday, November 07, 2011

23 Months

Hollis and Naomi---
This has been quite a crazy month for us. There have been illnesses, a power outage, and the weather has gotten much colder.  It's harder to get you both out and about when we have to wear jackets and sock and shoes.  We've taken to staying in PJs and venturing out only a few times a week. You also have been messing with naps a bit and I've been trying to alter your schedule a little bit to hopefully get a short afternoon nap in.  It's one month until you turn two and it seems that the frustration that comes with not being able to communicate or get your way the way you want is hitting us full force.  I'm not ready to call it the Terrible Twos, but I'm hoping that the next few months go a little bit smoother.  

You have fallen in love with coloring and will sit for as long as we let you coloring at the table. You also like to peel the paper off the crayons and will occasionally taste one if we aren't watching closely.  It's been fun to watch you scribble with the different colors and marvel at what these crayons can do.  I've been threatening to get your hair cut, but haven't been able to go through with it yet. It's wild and out of control and I'm worried that if we cut it we'll lose all those adorable curls. It's going to have to happen soon, I'm afraid. We've had to start keeping your PJs backwards because you've become the master of disrobing at bedtimes. It's kind of a bummer because all those adorable footed PJs end up with missing feet, but it beats having to change your bedding twice a day. You have also taught this "game" to your sister.

Along with your adorable "Ready, Set, Go!" you have started to count. Usually this means pointing at a series of things and saying "Two!" You like when we count various things while we are reading books, too. You are quite demanding when it comes to reading. You will grab a book and say "Read it" and then force the book in our hands. You aren't happy sitting next to us either. You want to be right in our laps. That's the one constant with you---you like to be held.
You've taken quite a liking to the teenage girl that we have come watch you sometimes.  You like that she'll hold you and chase you. I like that we can leave you in caring hands and have dates and much needed time away. You've been sick that past couple of days and have been quite weepy and inconsolable.  It's so hard to watch you hurting and have no way to make you feel better. I can hold you and give you medicine and try to comfort you, but it's something you just have to work though and knowing that I can't make you happy in that moment is so hard. When you start to smile and eat and laugh again, it's so wonderful.

Daddy came home the other day with the new Winnie the Pooh movie and it started a whole new obsession with you both. Now, every morning you ask for Pooh. It's a fitting obsession because you already have a couple of stuffed Tiggers that you inherited from Mia (and your Aunt Susan). Those have now become your favorite sleep stuffies. Lately, Hollis, you have been loading your arms with your Tigger, blanket, milk cup, and additional stuffed animals. You get so angry that you can't carry it all and cry when things start falling out of your hands. Inevitably one of us has to carry you and your load to your destination. I love learning all the little quirks that the both of you have. It makes me really excited to see what you'll be like as you grow into bigger people.
Please don't grow too quickly, though.

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