Monday, October 17, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!!

This weekend Mia was running a fever and so we stayed inside and in PJs for most of the time. She curled up with movies and was amazed that she got to watch TV the whole day Saturday. We don't have the TV on a ton when the kids are up and so to be able to watch back to back movies made her feel much better.  The babies watched a little and then would play or come check in on Mommy and Daddy. Mark and I curled up with books, iphones, and the nearby record player. It was gloriously mellow and just what we all needed.

Perhaps the best thing of the weekend is Naomi's new little phrase. I'm not sure where she picked it up (Sesame Street, maybe), but when Mark was changing her last night, he ended with, "Ready?" She responded, "Set. Go!" And now she's done it all morning. I've tried to get video of it, but she won't sit still long enough. I can vouch for how unbelievably cute it is.

It's a small reminder of how quickly they pick up the words we say. It's a gentle reminder to respond to them with patient and loving words and to teach them to do the same. It's a huge reminder that this is going so fast and that my two little babies are getting bigger.

I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

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