Tuesday, October 11, 2011

22 Months

Hollis and Naomi---
This is the time of our lives when your schedules dictate almost everything we do. It sounds so rigid, but we learned a lot being a parent with Mia. This time is so short and it makes for happier times if we take a step back and choose the comforts of home over meals out. Napping in your cribs makes you easier babies to deal with over car naps or missed naps. To be honest, it's not a bad way to live. Our weekends have become pretty mellow and we spend a lot of the day in pajamas reading, playing, and even watching movies. After a crazy week it's a welcome change. We aren't housebound all the time, though. I've started taking you to the playroom at our local rec center and story time at the library. On Fridays we have been going to Itty Bitty City, where the local gym is filled with toys, cars, and climbing gyms. It's wall to wall kids and you guys love being able to run free and play for two hours straight. You nap pretty good on those days!

Hollis--You little man are a bundle of energy and it's getting harder and harder to convince you to nap. Lately, you spend a lot of the nap time jumping in your crib and doing everything you can to keep Naomi awake. It's only once she falls asleep that you seem to calm down and eventually give in to sleeping. I can tell the nap days are numbered with you.  You have begun to look so grown up and it's fun to dress you in striped shirts and jeans. We've yet to cut your hair so it remains crazy and curly and unbelievably cute. You have taken to calling every man you see Dada and every woman becomes Mama. Yesterday at the store you pointed to every man and said "Dada!" It's always funny to see people's reactions. The kid-friendly people usually say hi and listen to you babble away. You are quick to charm those people and you love interacting with them. You are still such a loving and affectionate boy and I hope that you don't outgrow that. When you slow down enough to cuddle or hug, it's amazing. And those little boy kisses----magical.

There has been an explosion of talking with you. It's kinda funny that you continue to fool everyone into thinking you are the quiet one. You are picking up words like crazy and it's getting easier to figure out what you want and need. Lately your favorite words all have to do with Sesame Street. I think "Elmo" was your first official word, but you've taken quite a liking to "Abby" Cadaby, too. You love when there are Sesame Street balloons at the grocery store and are quick to point them out. You get extremely excited when you see your Daddy and Mia and are quick to copy her when you can. When you both slow down a little there are the tenderest moments---you holding her hand and leading her, her reading you a story, cuddling together watching TV.  I love to see the two of you connect in these small ways.  The best thing you've been doing lately is this surprise face, which I'll never be able to explain well in words. You eyes get all big and your mouth makes this little "o."  You especially love it if you can get someone else to do it too. 

Both of you are fascinated with bugs and lately when we play outside you like to get into the dirt and dig up little creatures. Just the other day we found worms, a ladybug, and a small snail. Luckily, you didn't see the spiders!  Naomi, you aren't afraid to hold bugs and I am trying to teach you not to squeeze so hard. Hollis, you like to look up close, but when I put one in your hand you drop it right away. I absolutely love watching you learn and figure out the world. You are genuinely filled with such excitement at things that could pass by so easily for me.  Thank you for the laughter, for the slow moments, and for being mine. 


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